Southeastern Synod Youth and Young Adult Ministry

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We would like to invite you to a 


Friday, March 26, 7-9pm ET / 6-8pm CT

 & Saturday, March 27, 10am-3pm ET / 9am-2pm CT


We invite at least two participants (those just graduating from 6th through 12th grade) from EVERY congregation in our synod.   More participants are welcome to attend from the same congregation, but only two folks from each church will have voice AND vote for the agenda items listed below.

Our goals will include

  • voting on a new SESLYO Board,  (Are you interested in running for a board position?  Look BELOW!)
  • ratifying our Constitution, By-Laws, and Continuing Resolutions, and
  • discuss what we might wish to discuss over the next several months.   

We know that this is not the norm, nor do we wish a virtual assembly be the norm. 

Rather, we wish for as many as possible to participate in this year's online assembly to launch us into the next year of ministry.

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To enter a nomination form (for yourself or someone else) to serve on the SESLYO Board, please CLICK HERE.


Here are our 2021-2022 OPEN POSITIONS.   Terms are ONE year in length.


Position Description
  • Preside at meetings of the board when chair is absent. 
  • Assume the chair if the chair should resign before completing the term of office.
  • Represent the organization as directed by the chair.
  • Be elected with the understanding that he/she they will assume the responsibility for the position of Chair during the second year of his/her their term.
  • Work closely with the Chair as training for the next year.
Rep to Synod Council
  • Serve as a liaison between the board and Synod Council
  • Expected to attend SESLYO Board Meetings and Synod Council to inform the Synod Council of SESLYO activities
  • Advocate for SESLYO concerns on Synod Council
  • Given the opportunity to present on Synod activities and concerns to the SESLYO Assembly
  • Term Length is 2 years - this is the only position that is a 2-year term
  • Record and keep the minutes of all meetings of the board and the annual assembly.
  • File regular reports to the Synod Council.
  • Be responsible for all correspondence of the organization.
  • Be responsible for reporting minutes of all meetings and assemblies to all board members within a month following the meeting or assembly.
Director of Communications    
  • Communicate advance notice of all meetings to all participants.
  • Work with the Synod Director of Youth Ministry and the webmaster to develop and maintain the web page and a Facebook page and other social media sites.
  • Maintain up-to-date data of phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information of all board members and as many assembly attendees as possible.
  • Aid in planning of worship and devotion at SESLYO events.
  • Work with both clergy, lay adults, and youth to provide spiritual guidance to the SESLYO board.
  • Provide theological insight.
  • Aid youth in the process of discipleship.
Person of Color Rep
  • The Person of Color Representative should be from one of the following communities; African American/Black, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Arab and Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latin American and other multi ethnic communities.
  • This person shall attend SESLYO Board meetings and other diversity events and report to the Board on these opportunities. 
  • The purpose of this position is to help SESLYO strive for increased inclusivity and to advocate for the concerns of youth of color and for those whose primary language is other than English.
Disabled Red
  • The Disabled Youth Representative should be a member of the disabled community. 
  • This person shall attend SESLYO Board Meetings and other disabled youth events and report to the SESLYO Board on these opportunities. 
  • The purpose of this position is to help SESLYO strive for increased inclusivity and to advocate for the concerns of youth with disabilities.
  • The LGBTQAI+ should be a person who identifies as a member of a sexual minority.
  • This person shall attend SESLYO Board Meetings and other LGBTQAI+ events and report to the SESLYO Board on these opportunities. 
  • The purpose of this position is to help SESLYO strive for increased inclusivity and to advocate for the concerns of youth who identify as a member of a sexual minority.

Conference Reps

(1 through 9)

Conference Board Members shall :

  • represent the interests of the congregations of their conference
  • report back to the congregations of their conference and be responsible for communication between SESLYO and the congregations in their conference
  • represent SESLYO and their conference at functions where appropriate or requested
  • develop conference-wide events in addition to any all-state gatherings, and
  • establish a time for the selection of nominees to the annual SESLYO Assembly


NOTE:  When a Vice Chair is elected, that person then becomes the Chair for the following year.   Thus, we do not vote on a Chair for the SESLYO Board.   Also, the SESLYO Rep to Synod Council is a 2-year term.  Our Rep to Synod Council is completing the second year of the two year term.   So in 2021, we WILL hold an election for this position.


These are the Board positions we are NOT electing at the 2021 SESLYO Assembly, but are listed here for your information:

Position Description
  • Preside at meetings of the board and the business meetings of the annual assembly.
  • Represent SESLYO at functions of the synod, region, or church-wide, where appropriate or requested.
  • Prepare the agenda for all meetings of the board with assistance of the chair-elect.


Expectations of board members:

The SESLYO Board consists of 18 youth, representing the entire youth population of the Southeastern Synod. Board members are responsible for planning, organizing and hosting the SESLYO Assembly each year, representing SESLYO at local, state, and national church events, and encouraging active participation of youth within the Synod. 

Board Member Nominees must be in the 8th-11th grades at the time of the election. The term of office is 1-2 years from installation at Synod Assembly. Maximum grade for 1 year term would be rising Seniors at the time of the election and maximum grade for 2 year term at time of election would be rising Juniors. You can run again for your same board position or a spot on the exuctive board for up to 4 years. Board members must be active, voting members of a congregation of the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

What is involved?

  • The SESLYO Board meets at least 3 times per year. 
  • Board members are responsible for their transportation to and from board meetings. Members are encouraged to coordinate transportation to ride together or with SESLYO Adult Advisors. 
  • A member's place on the synod youth board shall be declared vacant if that person fails to meet the requirements established by the constitution or is absent from three successive meetings of the board without cause. 
  • COSTS - We try to stay at homes, churches, or camps with showers were there is little cost for lodging and meals. However, some travel and participation costs will incur if elected to the board. 


Out of a continued sense of safety and precaution, we are holding the 2021 SESLYO Assembly in a digital format.   We are deeply saddened that we had to take this drastic step, but we believe this was the best way to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to care for our youth.  Our God guides us and strengthens us and CHOOSES us to do the right thing and to care for one another in this challenging time.   We pray for God's guidance.  Our SESLYO Executive team and Adult Leaders are working on a path towards election of new officers, and perhaps a way to honor all of the hard work our SESLYO Board put into the workshops they had prepared for this weekend.

+ In Christ, Pr. Michael Jannett, Assistant to the Bishop for Formation and Communication

To learn more about the vision and purpose of SESLYO,

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