Southeastern Synod Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Throughout the year there are variety of opportunities for additional training to do Youth and Young Adult Ministry in your local settings.  Check back here to see the most recent offerings.

 Youth Extravaganza 2019

The Extravaganza is the annual gathering of children, youth and family ministry leaders from across the ELCA.  It is so much more than a conference: it's space to be stretched, it's worship, it's inspiring speakers, it's learning from colleagues across the country, it's sharing your insight with others, it's informative and transformative. The Extravaganza is renewing, educational and connects you with others... then sends you home strengthened for ministry to which you have been called. 

The Extravaganza is for the professional and the volunteer.  It is for the old and the young. It is for the urban, the suburban and the rural.  It is for pastors, it is for lay people.  It is for all adult leaders who share in the adventure we call children, youth and family ministry!

The Extravaganza is hosted by the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. There is more information about the ELCA Youth Ministry Network here:

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