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We will be expanding this page as time goes one, but here's a start...


Vacation Bible School ideas for 2020!!!

Idea # 1 - Delay your VBS in-person experience to late summer:

  • Use it as a way to kick-off the fall programming year
  • Use it as a way to celebrate the start of Sunday School

Idea # 2 - Hold a VIRTUAL VBS online:

  • Pick one 3-hour window on a Saturday morning or afternoon (or several days)
  • Alternate online / home activities with breaks

 Here's what schedule could look like for a virtual VBS for one day, or for several days in a row:

  • 9am - Opening Prayer / Song / Presentation (pre-recorded / livestream)
  • 9:30am - Home activity / break / snack
  • 10am - Presentation (pre-recorded / livestream)
  • 10:30am - Home activity / break / snack
  • 11am - Presentation (pre-recorded / livestream)
  • 11:30am - Home activity / break / snack
  • 12 noon - Preview of next day (if mulitple days), or invitation to future activities / closing prayer

Idea # 3 - Cancel VBS and focus on Fall planning:

  • Folks, in the midst of this pandemic, what could be best for you and your community is just REST!
  • Abiding can be a very fruitful experience


Here are some places to look for VBS resources: