Southeastern Synod Youth and Young Adult Ministry


November 12-13, 2022

Location: TBA (but definitely in-person)


Saturday, November 13, 2021

10am-12noon ET / 9-11am CT

via ZOOM

an ONLINE gathering of all youth (6th-12th grade) of the Southeastern Synod, 

especially those from Tennessee

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We will explore what it means to SHARE OUR GOSPEL STORY together by gathering online and learning how God is active in our lives, even when we don't realize it!   

And this is what sets our SOUL ON FIRE!


When I hear the word ignite - my mind goes to fire!  Especially this time of the year, a nice warm fire that chases the chill away.  Our stories about Jesus’ presence in our lives is like a fire, it chases the chill of the world away and replaces it with the knowledge that we have a God who is infinitely loving, grace-filled, patient and always leading us out into the highways and byways of the world.


Ignite describes our Evangelism initiative for 2021 and you will hear more about it over the next few months as we give you opportunities to engage in prayer together, to tell stories to each other and to build deep and abiding relationships with each other that will build a foundation for exciting and effective evangelism.  I invite you to imagine what that fire can do in your congregation and in your neighborhood.  This is not about knocking on doors and awkward encounters with strangers and Scripture.  This is about relationship, love, making new friends, inviting them to worship with you and sharing stories of how God shows up in your life and what that means to you.  During the next month, as the cold weather sets in, light a fire and think about what power the Spirit has placed in your hands.  Pray about it and we’ll talk! 

May Jesus, the Light of the World, fill your heart with gratitude, hope and joy this Christmas!  Peace, Be well! 

Pastor Patti Axel, Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission

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