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2022 ELCA Youth Gathering 

Welcome to our synod resource page for the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering.

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REMINDER:  The official ELCA Youth Gathering web page is found here:

The official page is where you will find the MOST information, videos, support, and financial assistance for REGISTRATION

Remember that the ELCA Youth Gathering team is holding and curating several webinars to give you more guidance as you go along this journey.  The Gathering site with these webinars is here:

The Southeastern Synod will be served by two main leaders:

  • Synod Coordinator, Pr. Michael Jannett
  • Synod Day Director...?

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Gathering leadership is proceeding with plans for the 2022 Gathering, with registration to open Sept. 22. We are in continuous conversations with the City of Minneapolis and medical professionals about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant and how our event will be impacted. Any decisions will adhere to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the local health department.

We strongly encourage everyone to talk with their health care providers and get vaccinated if they are able. The science shows that the vaccine is safe and effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19. To learn more about the vaccine or how to get an appointment, please visit

We’ve also added an additional Safety & Security Webinar that will take place Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. Central time. We urge you to attend or to watch the recording so you can hear what our team is planning and ask any questions you might have. To sign up, visit:

As we get closer to next summer we will communicate any safety measures, such as mask requirements, that will take place to ensure the safety of all participants. To learn about the cleaning practices and safety precautions of the City of Minneapolis, visit:

To see FAQs around COVID-19 and the 2022 Gathering, visit:


2022 ELCA Gathering Kick-Off Celebration online

Also, check out the kick-off celebration of the 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering by clicking on the image below: