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Affirm is a Summer Youth Event of the ELCA Southeastern Synod typically held at the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Alabama.  Affirm nurtures faith, equips youth leaders for today and tomorrow, and trains youth in discipleship skills.  Affirm is for youth who have completed grades 6-12 and the Young Adult and Youth Ministry Institute (YAYMI) is held simultaneously with AFFIRM For college freshmen and sophomores interested in exploring a call to youth ministry. 

2024 ELCA Youth Gathering - We're Heading to New Orleans!!!

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AFFIRM 2022 - Week in Review!!!

June 12 - 17, 2022

University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL

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Campus Ministry Student Referral Form

If you are a young adult, or if you know of a young adult who is looking for a community of friends and a way to express faith, consider campus ministry. The campus ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) welcome everyone into their loving and accepting communities. Young adults experience unique spiritual, intellectual and emotional challenges. ELCA Campus Ministry seeks to strengthen and support them as they learn and grow.

You can use this referral tool (below) to let us know if you (or someone you know) is heading to a college in any of our four states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee. 

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